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RenntekStudios limited is a self based company; here we provides a friendly yet professional service to all customers worldwide. I am an individual cSharp game programmer, I work with Unity 3D. I have over 10 years of experience with this engine, I also have great knowledge with multiple plugins.


Alot of our client work contain's photon networking, this is simply a free solution for the network, feel free to check it out on the asset store.


Unity UNet is a free networking solution used by many. It's smooth and reliable, perfect for any kind of project you may desire.


A few of our personal project's involve thing's like node or any other kind of socket examples, our github contains a few copies of the networking systems we have made for you as a client have the ability to expand your workload.


Our portfolio contain's some work that we have previously done, this give's you the understanding of what we can do for you.

Engine: Unity3D
Photon 2 Lobby System Asset
Engine: Unity3D
Lerping Gems
Engine: Unity3D
Casual Blox

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